Do I need a fishing license?

You do not need to purchase a fishing license ahead of time. The Alyssa Ann provides all the required fishing licenses. 

Do I need to bring a fishing rod or tackle?

No, the Alyssa Ann provides you with all the fishing rods and tackle you will need during your trip. You may bring your own fishing rod/tackle if you so choose.

What should we wear on the boat?

You will be on the water for extended period of time. We encourage you to check the weather ahead of time. It is typically cooler on the water. So it is good idea to bring sweatshirts or jackets and possibly rain gear. Closed toe shoes or boots with a good tread are encouraged. 

Is food or drink provided?

Food and drinks are not provided however we do work with some of the local restaurants and delis and for an additional fee we could make arrangements to have your trip catered.

Is alcohol permitted on the vessel?

Beer or wine is permitted aboard the vessel. The Alyssa Ann is a federal documented vessel by the U.S. Coast Guard and therefore no drugs or weapons are permitted on board the Alyssa Ann. 

Do we need to bring a cooler?

If you are planning on keeping any of your catch, depending on the distance you will be traveling after your trip, a cooler is recommended. We will clean and package your fish to be transported. Ice is available at the marina